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You can enter a world of music. Let it become a part of your blood, let the lyrics overtake your soul and tie them delicately with spider silk around your heart. Or, you can let them drift through with nothing of a second thought. You can enter the atmosphere of a bar or a club, feel the magic of alcohol consuming the energy of your body, feel the heat of the moment and allow the treasures of instrumental and perfect voice rummage through your deepest memories, or you can let the moment pass you by.


Music is a magic within a dream. I have a particular love for local music though, and unusual music. It seems such a regular time-consuming task looking for such unique qualities. I admit I have a love of R’N’B. A love of rap. A love even of the ridiculous lyrics that somehow make a song popular – a natural following of modern, up-to-date songs, yet there is nothing that can help you to escape, nothing that can inspire your own deepest dream, than listening to unusual, powerfully written and sung music. I love the work of local bands. The voices of the local ladies and gentlemen. Because they simply place more soul into their ‘artwork creation of music’ than the growing, moving and quickly pieced together music industry of today.


Joshua Davie began playing music when he was fifteen years of age, and I was thrilled recently to be invited to review his music. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but began to listen to his work and the production of a magical genre. Focusing mainly on acoustic/folk. Joshua Davie works locally within North-East Lincolnshire and is currently based in Lincoln but look out for his gigs around the local area of Grimsby and Cleethorpes too!


There is a speciality and depth among a group of voices in a room. You may pick out the best, you may pick out the most unique. I found the latest song Purgatory to explore one of those unusual and enchanting pieces of lyrical tone. If you have not yet listened to his music, I suggest you do. If you are looking for something deeper than the modern day music industry - If you are looking for an escape - If you are furthermore searching for a piece of music containing natural talent and a taste of quality, check him out!


You can find him here:


Twitter: @JoshDavie1501


- Boneata Bell


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