Memory Time

She is a memory to me.

Alive with time,

Rhythm and rhyme.

Decoration in this bubble,

Of mine.


She is creative.

Her gold hands speak,

Of meaning so deep.

In a practical dream.

She is to keep.


She is lightweight, feather-effect,

With personal thought.

A present bought.

A gift sent.

A message lent. Not borrowed.


She is vinyl, to all ages.

And all times.

She will not fall or knock,

Down. She is strong in soul.

She is the clock.

Containing ‘timeless memories’.

                                                                                                                      -  Boneata Bell

I have written this review for Vinyl Clocks see: ( I love their products, there is something to suit everybody. Creativity is an art form, an art form is a way of life. My poem says it all. Enjoy! @VinylClocks @BoneataBell


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