For My Mother.

Dear Mum.
You have been there,
Whenever I need.
Held my heart,
When I've forgotten to breathe.
Held my hand
When I have fallen down,
Been a clown
When tears have stained my face.
Mother of crystal.
Guardian of grace.

Dear Mum.
You have been there,
When lightning strikes,
And the wind isn't rough enough,
To fly this kite,
When bruises show,
The extent of my fall.
You are the one,
I always call.

Dear Mum.
You have been there,
Making life complete,
Making life up-beat.
Making life worth living.
So let this Mother's Day
Be one of much love,
To show you how much,
You mean to me -
I want you to see
How special you are.

Boneata Bell March 10th 2013


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