I took the hand of the man most wanted.

He kissed my palm, with somewhat happy lips.

Happy lips for a man on death row I find

Myself pondering.


He didn't do it. I know that -

you hear that every day. People claiming innocence.

With blood stains clearly staining

Underneath their fingernails.


But Jason didn't do it.

Not this time.

He is a good man. We are sitting alone now

Within the walls of a cell - a perk of having

Connections within the police department.

Perks. I laugh a little at that.


I am carrying our baby, eight months old.

I half expected to miscarry

Under the influence of stress related

Continuous death-daring-seeking violence.

We have named her Liberty.


To count for irony in a bottle.

She kicks now.

She kicks life into a deadly world.

He sits within the electric chair.

I can feel his life draining from his body. That is

How connected we are you see.

I can feel an electric shock pulsing through

My brain.


This fatal attraction

Lies within love, and death.

His eyes close as I feel blood pouring down my legs,

In some ways it pours

Up towards my heart.

The government took his life, you see,

In more ways than one.
- Boneata Bell


  1. Hi Boneata,

    As good as the poem is, especially with the allegory of the taking if freedom and lives, I found it highly upsetting. To miscarry is an awful and heartbreaking thing, and reading about it, in such a context I found heartbreaking. It brought back painful memories and tears that were welled deep within me.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate the depth and meaning it may have to you regarding my theme. I have however, therefore, done my job in providing poetry with great emotional intent. I did not enjoy writing along such a dark theme, yet I have to explore every area. I hope that you enjoy my lighter work, and I do apologise for causing you discomfort. The aim of this poem is to explore the mistakes that can occur if the press, the government and the surrounding parties are too quick to make a judgment. Peoples' lives are affected. We are not toy soldiers. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. Because of the effect that this has had on you, my next poem will be on a happy, lighter theme. I wish you much happiness to come and hope that you enjoy my future work.

    Boneata Bell.


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