Insect Evolution

Lime green.
A line of silk,
Each movement
Perspiration on her brow.
She stopped to think,
Of then and now.
Garnet red,
A circle of black,
Each footstep,
A journey to carry her back,
She paused between tree,
And flew to be free.
Sunset yellow,
A stripe of grey.
Each sting
A threatening act of display.
He paused without care,
Causing then a destruction.
Hazel brown.
A soft skin of molten.
Each crawl
So prepared,
Without flaw,
Without falter.
He stopped to see.
Eight eyes next to me.
Queen King.
Smaller than stone,
And roaming alone.
As the human evolves,
Stays new does the wig.
And -
It takes something small,
To carry the big.
Boneata Bell


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