Unconditional Love

Every day I grow to love you more. In a way that I would not have known possible. Now I have to watch you age. I have to watch you lose the power in your legs and the strength in your wings. I have to play blind to the rips in your wings and all of the time I want to beg you to never leave me.

Tweety is my thirteen year old canary. I did not think it possible to love an animal in such a way, but ever since my grandad gave him to me when I was six years of age, I have not experienced a day without him. His song was once so beautiful, it is now scarce for he does not have the strength in his lungs to sing his graceful song to me. Every day I love him more. He has a little yellow tummy, brown and white wings. I know of no other love more eternal, a love so unconditional than the love between animal and human.

Yet everyday I face his weakening legs. I want to wrap him in my hands and hold him, keep him there forever, yet his pain kills me inside. I cannot imagine a life without him in it. Such a simple love. Yet a love greater than all knowledge. One day I know he will not be here with me. I would like to take this opportunity to speak of how much I love him. How he will be in my heart for the rest of my life, in my mind. He will always be there. I will never replace him. The love between animal and owner is ever-lasting. And who would have known a creature so small could invent a heart so big. I love you Tweety Bell. For as long as I shall live.



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