Structure Damage (The Dream Catcher)

I saw a twinkle.
One available in depth,
But avoided in detail.
A twinkle of trust,
A sparkle of love,
In a dream tale-fantasy
Of lover
And lust.
Briefly I caught it strong.
Figured it's posture and strength
Did belong.
With comfortable feeling,
And smile of such truth,
I concluded
My power belongs to you.
With woman of question,
Sit hope within your arms,
With structure of armour,
And weapon on guard.
A glow within body,
A lava within soul,
The puzzle pieces
Fit perfectly, my mould.
Sadly I, consumed my darkness.
Fought two combining truths,
Shattered my dreams -
And gave them to you.
I then folded a line,
Secured with a pin,
I give you the game
Attempted to win.
Through power and protest
Nicks at the seam
But with soldier of status.
I will catch your dream.

Boneata Bell


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