Day Dream.

I saw a lace pattern, a winding road. I saw blue sea and a pretty pose. I saw a handsome figure, and a bird fly by. I ran by a castle, I managed to fly. I saw a pearl, a blonde curl and a smiling face. Wrapped in lace and wrapped in a miracle.
I sat up. In a bed of warmth, cooling hot water bottle. Reality flaring quickly. It dawned on me that I had dreamt again. For a moment I had left the Earth on which we live, and I had entered another relam. One in which my design and creative art conjured up. A sloping smile and sparkle in the eye. I yawned, gathering the material of my pajama's in my clutch. A life without dream, would be no life at all.

I smiled. Ready for the day.

And awaiting the night, when again, I would dream.

Boneata Bell


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