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Unconditional Love

Every day I grow to love you more. In a way that I would not have known possible. Now I have to watch you age. I have to watch you lose the power in your legs and the strength in your wings. I have to play blind to the rips in your wings and all of the time I want to beg you to never leave me.

Tweety is my thirteen year old canary. I did not think it possible to love an animal in such a way, but ever since my grandad gave him to me when I was six years of age, I have not experienced a day without him. His song was once so beautiful, it is now scarce for he does not have the strength in his lungs to sing his graceful song to me. Every day I love him more. He has a little yellow tummy, brown and white wings. I know of no other love more eternal, a love so unconditional than the love between animal and human.

Yet everyday I face his weakening legs. I want to wrap him in my hands and hold him, keep him there forever, yet his pain kills me inside. I cannot imagine a life without him in it.…

Growing younger.

Everyday that I grow older,
I grow younger.
A tree sheds the leaf of life,
I learn to use my carving knife,
To cut the mango,
Through the heart.
And steal bread
From baker's cart.
Everyday that I grow older,
I grow younger.

Breaking news reveals life,
I scramble for my carving knife,
To hide below my pillowed bed,
Whist Disney plays into my head.
Everyday that I grow older,
I grow younger.

A snowflake falls upon the ground,
A car slips, with lethal sound.
I scramble for my bloody head,
See teddy sitting on my bed.
The light is dark, I see my dream,
I smile and I solemnly scream.
Everyday that I grow older,
I grow younger.

A nightmare scars my perfect life,
I push away, and then I fight.
Smiling at what shouldn't be,
I make myself a cup of tea.
To calm a scrambled mind of mine -
Ignoring that it is bed time.
Everyday that I grow older,
I grow innocent.

With desktop once a handsome man,
Displaying now a prince's hand.
Beneath a grave I seldom seek,
Guidance from the drow…

Day Dream.

I saw a lace pattern, a winding road. I saw blue sea and a pretty pose. I saw a handsome figure, and a bird fly by. I ran by a castle, I managed to fly. I saw a pearl, a blonde curl and a smiling face. Wrapped in lace and wrapped in a miracle.
I sat up. In a bed of warmth, cooling hot water bottle. Reality flaring quickly. It dawned on me that I had dreamt again. For a moment I had left the Earth on which we live, and I had entered another relam. One in which my design and creative art conjured up. A sloping smile and sparkle in the eye. I yawned, gathering the material of my pajama's in my clutch. A life without dream, would be no life at all.

I smiled. Ready for the day.

And awaiting the night, when again, I would dream.

Boneata Bell

Free 'Three' Aphrodite.

To be the ticking bomb of time,
Two lovers link in perfect rhyme.
Crystals on the burning moon,
In deadly pace and time, and tune.
To be the artwork on the clock,
With ribbon on the child's frock,
Stained and fraying at the hem,
The Reaper will appear again.

To be the stalker, follow free,
He will turn and run to me.
Aphrodite, now shall see,
A goddess judged by number three.
With corners sharp and edges strong
Lava, she did not belong.
Owner to her devil sin,
Devil makes her sin again.

To be the marble strength of touch,
Liquid burns as gasses clutch.
Water makes retreat so soon,
He has no time, to warn the moon.
To be the God of growing seed,
We abuse the flower and plant the weed.
Sunshine she did not belong,
To acoustic strength or bird's love song.
Sweetheart, I do not find,
Love in battle, or strength in time.

Manipulate a word for me,

Make it real,

set her free.

Boneata Bell

I will not tell you what this poem is about, just yet. I want to play a guessing…

Fate Fracture.

Do you ever wonder? Because I do.

I am sat here now, in my house in England. Hot tea steaming in a mug, dressing gown wrapped around my body for warmth. Single status and education based flowing thought. Yet, I have to wonder what fate I have allowed to pass me. Do you believe in soul mates, true love, mother nature, what-is-meant-to-be-will-be kind of love? I don't know where I stand with all of that, but I do wonder.

The reason I question this found me today. As I searched through my photographs to see the smiling face of a stranger, only to find him gone. The album containing his face, the memory of his smile vanished, like it was never meant to be. Like he was never there.

I had many reasons to like him, but it was his smile and how gentle he was when he swam through the sea with me. Later it became clear how much of an idiot I made of myself but how he didn't judge me for it. I met him whilst scuba diving. He caught my eye. Then I was given him to guide me. Keeping hold of m…

Structure Damage (The Dream Catcher)

I saw a twinkle.
One available in depth,
But avoided in detail.
A twinkle of trust,
A sparkle of love,
In a dream tale-fantasy
Of lover
And lust.
Briefly I caught it strong.
Figured it's posture and strength
Did belong.
With comfortable feeling,
And smile of such truth,
I concluded
My power belongs to you.
With woman of question,
Sit hope within your arms,
With structure of armour,
And weapon on guard.
A glow within body,
A lava within soul,
The puzzle pieces
Fit perfectly, my mould.
Sadly I, consumed my darkness.
Fought two combining truths,
Shattered my dreams -
And gave them to you.
I then folded a line,
Secured with a pin,
I give you the game
Attempted to win.
Through power and protest
Nicks at the seam
But with soldier of status.
I will catch your dream.

Boneata Bell