Stages of Changes

Do you believe in me?
In the air that I breathe,
And the breath in my lungs?
And the person I be,
The blood inside me?

Do you believe in her?
Or the person she be?
The path that she walked,
In comparisson to me?
When you let me walk free.

Do you believe,
in the battle we fought,
The lessons we taught,
Or the reason for life
During moment of death,
When you pushed me afar.
And you whipped out my breath.

Do you believe that you stood at my side,
With an air of pride or
An air of detest?
Did I put you to test,
Or put you to misery?

Do you believe as you lie
In her bed,
Pictures run through my head,
Of the force and the punishment.
Do you believe,
in the past or the present,
You lie in her bed
As client and pheasant.

Do you believe in everything- nothing
Sight and sound,
Of nightmare and dream.
You ran but you fled.
From my heart,
From my bed.
From my dream
From my scream,

Boneata Bell.


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