Goodbye My Child

I found darkness in the light.
A treacle topping,
Lost in sight, lost in mind,
Between blood and syrup.

I came to you in a vision,
Convinced the world,
Of my incision,
Of thread between your heart strings.

I smiled soundly, with a curse,
Displaying nothing,
Except a verse,
Within a desperate world of greed,
I saw you sink,
Onto your knees.

Eyes, penetrating silent skull,
I saw you scream, I saw you mull,
Upon your mind,
I saw you find,
A non existent, existence
Of mine.

Lightning sharp upon a floor,
Of bones and lacking,
Strength anymore,
A beat of drums I see you sink,
I turn to you,
With a wink.
Goodbye my child.

I hear you sing.

A last verse,

For immortal king.

Boneata Bell


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