Blind Ears.

I can hear you when I close my eyes,
See the terror in your smile,
See you walk the shortest mile,
To the house you called a home.

I hear you when you say my name,
See the ink of my unknown fame,
Across your chest you bare my mark,
I see a rose, I hear a lark,

I can hear you when you feel pain,
A lioness, I am now tame.
I see you crawl, towards the night,
I see your constant angry fight.

I hear you when you banish me,
See the man you used to be.
I watch you drop onto the floor,
But you don't see me anymore.

I can hear the heart of thumping rhyme,
Count the ticking clock of time,
I call your name to the sky,
Wonder if my heart can fly.
I turn and walk,
The other way.
I am here to stay.

As I watch you die.

Boneata Bell


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