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Goodbye My Child

I found darkness in the light.
A treacle topping,
Lost in sight, lost in mind,
Between blood and syrup.

I came to you in a vision,
Convinced the world,
Of my incision,
Of thread between your heart strings.

I smiled soundly, with a curse,
Displaying nothing,
Except a verse,
Within a desperate world of greed,
I saw you sink,
Onto your knees.

Eyes, penetrating silent skull,
I saw you scream, I saw you mull,
Upon your mind,
I saw you find,
A non existent, existence
Of mine.

Lightning sharp upon a floor,
Of bones and lacking,
Strength anymore,
A beat of drums I see you sink,
I turn to you,
With a wink.
Goodbye my child.

I hear you sing.

A last verse,

For immortal king.

Boneata Bell

Blind Ears.

I can hear you when I close my eyes,
See the terror in your smile,
See you walk the shortest mile,
To the house you called a home.

I hear you when you say my name,
See the ink of my unknown fame,
Across your chest you bare my mark,
I see a rose, I hear a lark,

I can hear you when you feel pain,
A lioness, I am now tame.
I see you crawl, towards the night,
I see your constant angry fight.

I hear you when you banish me,
See the man you used to be.
I watch you drop onto the floor,
But you don't see me anymore.

I can hear the heart of thumping rhyme,
Count the ticking clock of time,
I call your name to the sky,
Wonder if my heart can fly.
I turn and walk,
The other way.
I am here to stay.

As I watch you die.

Boneata Bell

Gift Wrapped.

The rose, deep red,
Soft petals,
All as expected.
Given as a gift,
Received as a sin,
Two hearts, torn within,
One gesture.

The chocolate box.
Ribbon tied,
soft brown,
Thornton's. As expected.
Given with a tear,
Received with a beer.
Dismissed with a grin.

The teddy bear.
Soft white,
All as expected.
Given with thought,
previously sought.
Yet rejected.

The final ring,
Lost, as expected.
Given with greed,
Water for seed,
Previously real.
Now it's over.

Boneata Bell

Even The Sensible Crawl.

So here it is. I had known this man for seven days previous. He was. Is. Handsome. Tanned. Dark hair, dark eyes. Tall. And older than me. Much older than me. Heaven in a cup basically. I met him on holiday, on a small island. A family island. I don't like touristy holidays. I ignored him. As simple as that. I wasn't looking for a man, and quite frankly I was sick of the 'fake' attention. On holiday they are interested in every walking breathing female that passes.

But my step-father noticed this one. Celebrity look alike. I shouldn't have pointed him out really, but I did, and my father was obsessed, like a bee to honey. With that he insisted I have my photo taken with him. I refused. I probably looked like a stuck up young British woman. I didn't care. I have never wanted a phony man.

The next day we met him again, my step father is a rather friendly chap, so my mum, myself and this male ended up talking. My step father, as he always does, mentioned his fishi…

Stages of Changes

Do you believe in me?
In the air that I breathe,
And the breath in my lungs?
And the person I be,
The blood inside me?

Do you believe in her?
Or the person she be?
The path that she walked,
In comparisson to me?
When you let me walk free.

Do you believe,
in the battle we fought,
The lessons we taught,
Or the reason for life
During moment of death,
When you pushed me afar.
And you whipped out my breath.

Do you believe that you stood at my side,
With an air of pride or
An air of detest?
Did I put you to test,
Or put you to misery?

Do you believe as you lie
In her bed,
Pictures run through my head,
Of the force and the punishment.
Do you believe,
in the past or the present,
You lie in her bed
As client and pheasant.

Do you believe in everything- nothing
Sight and sound,
Of nightmare and dream.
You ran but you fled.
From my heart,
From my bed.
From my dream
From my scream,

Boneata Bell.