National Novel Writing Month

If you are a writer, and you have not heard of National Novel Writing Month, you have been living in a bubble.

This month I am taking part, along with many countries all over the world, in a one month writing spree and the aim is to reach 50,000 words in one month.

I am finding it difficult because I made the mistake of choosing a subject, and storyline that requires a lot of research - I know already within one week of beginning that I should have chosen a topic that I already know well. But, never mind, it will be harder but it will be worth it because it is a story that I have been wanting to write for ages now, I needed the push to begin. NaNoWriMo was the big push - a very big push indeed.

I have been concerned because at times my word count has been falling below the average amount of words that other people are reaching, but I am going at my own pace and I have started too fall nicely in line with everybody else. It is day eight today, and people are hitting an average word count of about 10,000 and I have just hit 8,000. It could be worse. Sometimes you start slow, and gain pace. That is my ideal plan.

I will be pained if I do not reach the target now, but on the other hand I feel I am looking too far towards the finishing line, If I look at the bigger picture I have already begun my novel, I have my pages printed off in front of me and I have a physical storyline going on. A beginning. A middle. A plan and research, that is an achievement in itself.

I am finding it easier to write at nighttime, as I always do. That is me as a definition of a writer. 2:00AM, with a dark coffee, no sounds disturbing me and a hot water bottle by my feet; accompanied most importantly by words itching to be written on a page.

I have chosen the genre of Religion and fantasy combined. A bible based story with a twist if you wish. Based simply on myths and possible facts. I do not know where I stand with religion, but I do know where I stand with fantasy, so together I am creating a very powerful novel. I will not yet reveal my storyline though. My little secret.

If you haven't managed to get involved this year I would definitely recommend doing it next year, even if you do not finish it gives you a starting point, a push you may be in need of. However, make sure that you have a lot of time on your hands if you do want to finish.

And if you are taking part this year, good luck and I wish you every success! Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss how you are finding the experience, that would be very interesting indeed!

Boneata Bell


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