Destination into paradise: New York City

It was in the year of 2009, at the tiny age of fourteen that adventurous teenager Za’e Johnson began her experience in New York City. It was April, and the very beginning of five days in paradise despite the dramatic changes in weather, (almost every season was experienced in one day) each day saw sun and rain, showers and clouds, it was very dramatic! The five days were spent among friends, (classmates) and two teachers. The city was bliss. Throughout the day the scenery and experiences were amazing and throughout the night they were deeply haunting, scary yet so magical! New York City was quickly becoming a place that Za’e believed to only exist in dreams. It was becoming a place in which over the years she would long to return to…

Whilst visiting various shopping centres (as every girl must in New York!) she purchased an MTV T-shirt, worn for very many occasions and treasured until this very day, as well as many trinkets of all shapes and sizes. There she met a sales assistant by the name of Birdy, whom she thought very highly of and he loved her voice and accent. It would be a shame to leave the shopping store. It would be devastating to leave the country.

Although the sun was occasionally seen, the rain would not wash away the smile on this teenager’s face, a girl in New York City – not a class of school pupils, just a girl; oblivious to the chaotic chorus of pupils around her and next she would experience the trip of a lifetime…

The Empire State building was Za’es most favourite experience whilst visiting the country; it was far more magical than she ever imagined it could be - beyond words. She was also offered the trip to visit Central Park to see the beauty of 24,000 trees, 250 acres of lawn, 150 acres of streams and lakes and 130 acres of woodland – an image that many of us only ever dream of. Nature at its very core, she did not decline the opportunity because she was given a chance to attend and decided to grasp it with both hands!

There is nothing that Za’e would change about her experience in New York, although she is burdened with one regret concerning a kiss that she believes should not have happened however, to return would give her a new opportunity to experience her holiday again, with the magic it brings and no regrets this time around.

The trip overall changed Za’e Johnson a lot, for the better; she now wants to travel more, for the rest of her life and to experience more about the world around her and what it may contain. It has become her dream to return to the country in which all of her dreams came true. She saw a world of amazing opportunity, beautiful sights and sounds and she believes that it is beckoning for her to return.

Wordcount: 500 words

Boneata Bell
(Task produced for University)


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