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Blood Donation Continued... (See Previous Post)

During Blood Donation

I am in the waiting area with my mum, and it is full of these stern looking faces. I want to turn and run - there is no denying it. I can feel the sicking feeling in my gut of dread, I can see bags of blood in various positions across the room. Some people are sat, some are laid. Nobody has passed out yet.

Mum is talking to her friend, and all I can think about is where the nearest toilet is; with my nerves I have given myself bladder weakness. There are biscuits on the tables.

They send me home and request that I eat something more. I am not happy. I don't want to go back. I want to wimp out here and now.

Yet, I return.

They call my name, test my finger for anaemia. I am about to turn and run when before I know it she has stuck this thing in my finger and told me that I am not anaemic. Step one over. And I'm smiling to myself. I have done it. I am one step closer to facing my fear. To saving a life.

Soon, within ten minutes, I am lying on the chair, a n…

Giving Blood (With a phobia of needles!)

So, you guessed it from the title right? Why would somebody with a HUGE phobia of needles chose to give blood? Well this is how it goes.
I am a student. I have no money to give to those in need, but I have blood that could save lives. So why should I let my selfish phobia get in the way? One day a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously decided I would face my fear and give blood. That was it; that night I registered to give blood. No further questions asked. And there I was today at the nearest donation site. Here is my diary of the night before, and then the actual day. Follow my journey on a quest to make a difference.

The Night Before Donation.
Tomorrow I shall give blood. I have a phobia of needles. A big phobia. But I want to save lives. I do not have money to give to those in need, but I do have blood that can be used to help to save somebody’s life. So, last week I decided, against all odds I will face my fear, and I will do something to help somebody else.
Tomorrow afternoon. I am…

Destination into paradise: New York City

It was in the year of 2009, at the tiny age of fourteen that adventurous teenager Za’e Johnson began her experience in New York City. It was April, and the very beginning of five days in paradise despite the dramatic changes in weather, (almost every season was experienced in one day) each day saw sun and rain, showers and clouds, it was very dramatic! The five days were spent among friends, (classmates) and two teachers. The city was bliss. Throughout the day the scenery and experiences were amazing and throughout the night they were deeply haunting, scary yet so magical! New York City was quickly becoming a place that Za’e believed to only exist in dreams. It was becoming a place in which over the years she would long to return to…
Whilst visiting various shopping centres (as every girl must in New York!) she purchased an MTV T-shirt, worn for very many occasions and treasured until this very day, as well as many trinkets of all shapes and sizes. There she met a sales assistant by th…

Being a Young Reporter

I was selected to be a Young Reporter with Young People Support Service in September 2012 until October 2012. I loved every minute of it and had the privilege of writing four columns for the Grimsby Telegraph. The experience was amazing and although by the end of it, things became difficult regarding finding topics to write about I do believe that if I had the privilege of writing for them every single week I would make sure that I managed to find something interesting and entertaining to write about.

The goal of the experience is to give young people the chance to challenge the stereotype that is given to young people these days. People are too quick to jump to conclusions reguarding drug addiction, violence, sexual assault, bullying, you name it the blame is given to our younger generation.

I applied for the position on two occasions and was given it on the second; I was eager not to give up when I was unsuccessful the first time, It was just something that was a dream of mine to d…

National Novel Writing Month

If you are a writer, and you have not heard of National Novel Writing Month, you have been living in a bubble.

This month I am taking part, along with many countries all over the world, in a one month writing spree and the aim is to reach 50,000 words in one month.

I am finding it difficult because I made the mistake of choosing a subject, and storyline that requires a lot of research - I know already within one week of beginning that I should have chosen a topic that I already know well. But, never mind, it will be harder but it will be worth it because it is a story that I have been wanting to write for ages now, I needed the push to begin. NaNoWriMo was the big push - a very big push indeed.

I have been concerned because at times my word count has been falling below the average amount of words that other people are reaching, but I am going at my own pace and I have started too fall nicely in line with everybody else. It is day eight today, and people are hitting an average word co…