Time To Bond

Learning to love something other than yourself.

This is my Yorkshire Terrier, Tammie. She became a part of my life nearly eight years ago now, a Christmas present that changed my life. The bond between an animal and its owner is unbreakable.

Recently I have lost friends, boyfriends and even family members. I have been let down and walked all over, but she is still here. She is the bark that greets me in the morning, the howl that wakes me through the night, and the unavoidable sloppy kiss in the afternoon. She is the picture of commitment and obidience. She is real, compared to the fake circle of friends and family that surround me.

Animals are warmth and fire in the heart, they are the only thing that you can guarentee. The only friendship that you can guarentee. The bond between an animal and a human is unbreakable. I am a volunteer at the RSPCA Animal Charity and I am making a plea to the general public to save an animal. If you suspect anybody of mis-treating an animal report is straight away. No animal deserves to be treated badly. People will walk out of your life, but animals will not. Love animals.



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