Home Comforts

It is approaching that time of year again in England that one cannot yet avoid, currently living under the employment status of 'University student' I am unable to avoid the approaching winter weather which I detest. Yet, on the subject of winter I am haunted by beautiful memories of previous years; the smell of fireworks on bonfire night, the picture of the warm fire crackling on Christmas day - whilst presents lie helplessly underneath the Christmas tree, and of course the quickly approaching Halloween.

Automatically I in-vision a picture of sweets resting on the tray, gloves warming the frosted hands of happy children, therefore I do suppose Autumn and winter are not always as depressing as they may seem.

I do not like these seasons simply because of the cold that accompany them, yet I love my home comforts, the very things I imagine when I picture my setting. My home comforts are usually associated with warmth, I picture my Christmas with the fire burning, candles lighting up the table, Christmas films playing on the television whilst there is a slight panic, yet a happy panic, coming from the kitchen.

Winter brings colds and flu, and furthermore they bring home comforts. If I imagine flu, I imagine chicken soup steaming from a mug, thick fluffy blankets in bed, and a hot water bottle by my feet and a tea light burning in the corner.

This is an unnecessary post, yet a thought shared by many. My aim is to make you think. What are your home comforts?

Summer is a different story for me, it brings very different home comforts, ones in which I believe are highly influenced by media coverage. What I see when I think of the sun? I see the waves; I see a freezing cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I see sun cream and moisturised skin. I see a dream, I see a dance, I see whales and dolphins, and I picture another country. Typically when I picture the sun I do not picture England. We do not get enough sun in my opinion.

Halloween is what, maybe fifteen days away? So what do you see and observe when you observe the world and its festive spirit. What is home, and how do you define it? This is not a post of intelligence, or great writing, nor is it a post of great interest or interpretation, but I hope that I have taken you, even just for one second into a memory of your very warmest home comfort.

Keep Dreaming. And observe.

Boneata Bell - 16/10/2012


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