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A Childhood Holiday (University Task)

The sky was grey, with raindrops pouring from the sky upon three smiling faces. We had dressed appropriately for the day; I wore a large silver coat with extra padding and a hood, while each of my parents supported warm gloves and scarves. I was the age of nine.

The castle in the near distance was as magical as my imagination could have allowed itself to believe, the pale pink towering building loomed towards the sky, it was the tallest thing that I had ever seen.

Paris. Disneyland Paris. A place of magic. The three of us posed dramatically for a photograph, the scenery of Christmas presents and snow surrounding us. It amazed me how there was pure white snow on the floor, yet I had not seen one snowflake fall from the sky! It added to the glittering magic of the atmosphere. The tall amazing figures of my parents were looking down at me. I looked up and smiled at the authoritative figures, and I was mesmerised.

Stain glass windows outlined the castle; the windows replaying frozen scen…

Time To Bond

Learning to love something other than yourself.

This is my Yorkshire Terrier, Tammie. She became a part of my life nearly eight years ago now, a Christmas present that changed my life. The bond between an animal and its owner is unbreakable.

Recently I have lost friends, boyfriends and even family members. I have been let down and walked all over, but she is still here. She is the bark that greets me in the morning, the howl that wakes me through the night, and the unavoidable sloppy kiss in the afternoon. She is the picture of commitment and obidience. She is real, compared to the fake circle of friends and family that surround me.

Animals are warmth and fire in the heart, they are the only thing that you can guarentee. The only friendship that you can guarentee. The bond between an animal and a human is unbreakable. I am a volunteer at the RSPCA Animal Charity and I am making a plea to the general public to save an animal. If you suspect anybody of mis-treating an animal report is s…

Home Comforts

It is approaching that time of year again in England that one cannot yet avoid, currently living under the employment status of 'University student' I am unable to avoid the approaching winter weather which I detest. Yet, on the subject of winter I am haunted by beautiful memories of previous years; the smell of fireworks on bonfire night, the picture of the warm fire crackling on Christmas day - whilst presents lie helplessly underneath the Christmas tree, and of course the quickly approaching Halloween.

Automatically I in-vision a picture of sweets resting on the tray, gloves warming the frosted hands of happy children, therefore I do suppose Autumn and winter are not always as depressing as they may seem.

I do not like these seasons simply because of the cold that accompany them, yet I love my home comforts, the very things I imagine when I picture my setting. My home comforts are usually associated with warmth, I picture my Christmas with the fire burning, candles lightin…

For the Homeless Hearts

Young Reporter: Don’t get spooked by festival celebrations Saturday, October 13, 2012 Grimsby Telegraph By Boneata Bell

IS HALLOWEEN a trick, or a treat? The annual event is approaching, resulting in much excitement across the country, (and even across the world).
This October we will see the celebration of Halloween and the smiles that will grace the faces of many children. Sadly, too, however, the damage to properties and vehicles that accompany these celebrations.
There is a 150 per cent rise in house damage during the week between Halloween and Bonfire Night, according to ten years of statistics from insurance company Aviva.
The reason for this? Darker nights and evening entertainment make it much easier for criminals to work in the shadows of the occasion.
So, not surprisingly, Halloween and other festivals give way to many stereotyping opportunities and that is where I come in.
To wrongly accuse can carry dramatic and devastating consequences.
Before making any accusation, make …

A Life Experience

The day was eventful, as any day be on holiday, but the true adventure did not begin until the evening. There is something tormenting about foreign nights, they cannot be replicated or imagined, they can only be witnessed. The scent in the air was one of warmth, spice and life. Treacle in the lungs and heat in the heart. I travelled to a place of belonging, to a country lacking in variety yet drowning in beauty, the mountains were of dangerous height, the sun of dangerous heat, yet the country held a posture of magic, and air of faith. Turkey. A country so strong in religion and silent power, there I met a host who would guide me to the traditional clubs and bars of Turkey. An experience of much delight. Very quickly I was lost within the sounds of Turkish voices, rhythmically speaking to the beat of Turkish instrumental. I did not need to understand the language to understand the emotion of each song. In this bar a circle of strangers gathered to dance and express their devoted faith…

An Object's Journey

This is a recent completed task for my University course. I am currently studying Professional Writing and hope that this is what my future career will bring. This task is the journey of something becoming another. If you wish to hazard a guess, I will leave the answer clearly at the bottom of this post. Good luck and enjoy!

 - BEGIN -

Dreams were something that I only believed in, a destiny deciphered only by the hand of God, to those of religion and commitment, not something that could happen to me. Something so ordinary, something so natural and necessary. Yet this morning, I was taken away.

It was a shelter that I previously found myself living upon. A shelter for objects of different colour, different size and different background. The shelter became a refuge for the new, the old and on rare occasions, the ancient. It was the Ancients that I fled, in every possible circumstance they would place me at the base of this Ancient, and leave me there for minutes at a time. They intim…