University Begins

It is the third week of University life. As with any new emotional and educational change I have been accompanied by a headache for approximately two weeks. The biggest change that I have noticed is the difference in teaching methods between Further Education and Higher Education. Every so often I am expecting to be told to get on with my work, or to go away and carry out private research, yet I am not. With no exaggeration University is about lectures, hours and hours of lectures, followed by my arrival home where I am ready to begin any work that I have been set, which is currently two hours of writing per night - simply to improve my writing, my ideas and my skills, not yet for a set assignment.

My first assignment is due in on teaching week six, so I have three weeks left. Each assignment must be bound and correctly presented, using the house style that the University requires, and the guidelines that they have set. I have noticed very severely that the use of the 'Harvard Referencing Guide' is essential. As well as the presence of a hot water bottle in the rooms that use very powerful cold air conditioning. I find it very difficult to concentrate when I am too hot or too cold, but a University cannot satisfy everybody, therefore I satisfy myself.

One of my favourite aspects of University life is the fact that it is my job to write, and writing is what I love. I am highly grateful that my previous course choice came to a close and that I was left with Professional Writing as I am beginning to love everything about it. (Also, to make matters ever so slightly better, I now even have an idea for a novel!)

I have begun carrying out research into different topics of relevance, and when I arrive home this evening I will watch documentaries that will guide me with my writing, the history of religion for example. Caution, do not get too excited, I will not give any more ideas out concerning the storyline of my novel! Believe me, it will be an exciting journey.

On the contrary, the first and main difficulty I have come across since beginning University is the cost of living - and I do not mean food, bills, essentials... I actually mean the temptation of hitting the sales with that bulging bank balance that I now hold. I know that I have to make it last for a particular period of time, considering the rent that I have to pay to my parents, and any books that I may need for my course. It is difficult. I know that I will have to be sensible.

Nonetheless University was definitely the right thing to do, and I am very glad that I made the decision to attend. I hope to finish this course in three years will a full BA in Professional Writing, and maybe I will even publish my work along the way. Who knows what the future holds?

Boneata Bell


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