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University Begins

It is the third week of University life. As with any new emotional and educational change I have been accompanied by a headache for approximately two weeks. The biggest change that I have noticed is the difference in teaching methods between Further Education and Higher Education. Every so often I am expecting to be told to get on with my work, or to go away and carry out private research, yet I am not. With no exaggeration University is about lectures, hours and hours of lectures, followed by my arrival home where I am ready to begin any work that I have been set, which is currently two hours of writing per night - simply to improve my writing, my ideas and my skills, not yet for a set assignment.

My first assignment is due in on teaching week six, so I have three weeks left. Each assignment must be bound and correctly presented, using the house style that the University requires, and the guidelines that they have set. I have noticed very severely that the use of the 'Harvard R…

Piece By Piece.

It began in the trees. Every time the wind blew, I could hear his name being whispered on the tips of the mountain tops, beckoning me.

It continued throughout the morning; the smell of foreign foods cooking delicately in the sun, with no people to disturb the atmosphere, and no rain to wash away the stains.

It continued throughout the afternoon. The music shouting at me. Piercing the dreams in my head with pictures in my heart. Tea warming slightly on the pine-layered table. Smiles shadowing faces of strangers with faces of love. Into the night...

It continued. Bodies pressed against one another in shy disruption. Tears aching the face showing happiness and frustration. It continued. Tired faces, tired eyes. Hand in hand. The music still hinders me.

It finished during the night. The car pulled up and disgraced the scene of beauty; for before me stood an angel. Embraced. Caressed. Continued. Left.

It finished, online with dreams and dilemmas. To follow, or to flee. Come to me. Or haunt…