The Education Road has changed its path.

I once had a layout about my life, that I knew that I would live by. I decided that what I wanted to be was a journalist and what I would study would be journalism. Things changed for me. I began working at Estuary Radio twenty-one weeks ago and it offered me so many opportunities, so now I could be a presenter, a journalist and of course the ultimate dream, a poet.

Within the twenty-one weeks things have changed dramatically. Last week I received the phone call breaking to me the news of my course closure, leaving me with two options; fly or fall. This was where I could either 'drop' the idea of University and get a job, or take on the ultimately scary challenge of another course - Professional Writing.

Now that does sound silly. I am a writer. I write poetry and articles every day of my life, but I am not yet a novelist. I do not have an extremely high knowledge of the English language. I break the rules where the lines are drawn - I will put a metaphor next to a simile, if it sounds correct. If it sounds creative. So my question is, can I really complete this course, and learn the rules of the English language?

My answer now is yes. Yes I can, and hopefully I will. It was a scary choice, a rushed choice and a burden that I did not expect to be ridden with. My road was set, and now I have been diverted. This September I will begin studying for a BA in professional writing.

Last week I began script writing for Estuary Radio, and I loved it so thoroughly. I was nervous, oh so nervous, but I did it, and I did it successfully. My next job is to interview. I conducted my first for Estuary Radio yesterday. It was not my first interview, but the nerves were soaring high.

So the road diverted me. So my career option has faltered slightly, it is giving me other options and other potential careers; but who knows. Maybe I will still end up fighting for the journalism career, or maybe I will be an author.

Who knows?

Maybe I will be neither.

Boneata Bell


  1. Whatever you'll be, you'll be amazing at it Boneata. Because you are amazing!! :)

    P.S. Put you in my 'Other Blogs' box. :D



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