Flight of Fight.

You may be the air that
I breathe and the contents
Of my heart. You may be the
Presence in my vains and the
dreams that won't part in the
Presence of life and the
prensence of death you may
Be the one who will carry my vest in
The darkness of light and the
Darkness of fight you
May be the one who will fall
In the flight. You may be the rainbow
Covered by glitter and sparkceling
Veins will blister and glisten, you
May be the horse with the
Horn for a head, you may be the
One who has tortured the dead you
Are the one who disrupted my voice
Without choice, without option you came
Through the doors of my life.
Without option you entered
The world
Of your
And your life.
Without dream, without option.

Boneata Bell Copyright 2012 31/07/2012


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