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The weather is beautiful in England today, a very warm welcome it is greated with in Cleethorpes. I am currently avoiding the beach because there are so many people around that I begin to feel too closed in, besides, I have a back garden I would rather give the tourists a chance to look around without me stepping on their toes.

So where is this going you ask? I have no clue I reply. This is a time where you, my readers have an opportunity to meet me, the writer inside the stories.

I have so many plans for my life, this is why I am going to write them down, I do not want to forget a single plan. I know who I want to be and I know what I want to do and best of all, I know that I can do it.

Two days ago I recieved a copy of my first published book. As mentioned previously a very close friend and work collegue Raven Phoenix has published, and I am privileged to be beside him as an author.

Two days ago my first column was published in The Grimsby Telegraph. It was my first step in to the 'real world', I recieved my first negative comments from the public. I enjoyed every minute of it. Just because I simply know that I have now succeeded. You may or you may not understand.

Today I start my book. I have no plans and I do not know where it will lead me, and that is the most exciting part of all. Today I have no plans.

Today when I explained to somebody what I will be in the future, I recieved the response of 'yeah right'. My simple reply was 'do not judge what you do not know'. So let this be a lesson to you. Ignore your haters. Show them why they should love you.

Boneata Bell


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