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Flight of Fight.

You may be the air that
I breathe and the contents
Of my heart. You may be the
Presence in my vains and the
dreams that won't part in the
Presence of life and the
prensence of death you may
Be the one who will carry my vest in
The darkness of light and the
Darkness of fight you
May be the one who will fall
In the flight. You may be the rainbow
Covered by glitter and sparkceling
Veins will blister and glisten, you
May be the horse with the
Horn for a head, you may be the
One who has tortured the dead you
Are the one who disrupted my voice
Without choice, without option you came
Through the doors of my life.
Without option you entered
The world
Of your
And your life.
Without dream, without option.

Boneata Bell Copyright 2012 31/07/2012

Blind to Evil

Promises I can not keep,
Social skills I do not seek,
But do not use...
Nor care to lose
The embers of my heart.

Wishes that I can not see,
Nightmares that myself set free,
I do not seek,
Nor care to seek
The distance of your smile.

Decisions that I can not make,
Moral values at such stake,
I do not send,
Nor care to send,
The chances of my world.

Witnesses that care to view,
The world in all but very few,
I do not see,
Nor care to see,
The evil in humanity.

By Boneata Bell. 31.07.12 Copyright 2012

Violent Tendency.

Human beings shock me.

It does not matter to me how many times I watch the television, or listen to the radio or even leave my front door to the sounds of shouting and violence; I still can never believe what it is that I am seeing.

I would never harm another human being. I just couldn't. It isn't in my blood, it isn't in my heart and it certainly isn't in my brain and it seems that the learning facilities of my brain can not and will not except the concept of vicious human beings.

Try if you will to explain your violent mind to me, but I will not grasp your thoughts and feelings. People make me angry, people hurt me, people test me to the brink of snapping, but the furthest I would go would be some violent words and phrases - I would never dream of violence. Not extensive, aggressive, brutal violence that some 'people' resort too.

So why do you do it? How can you do it? That is the question I ask of you. It is not for me to judge the scenario, only for me t…

Inside The Writer

The weather is beautiful in England today, a very warm welcome it is greated with in Cleethorpes. I am currently avoiding the beach because there are so many people around that I begin to feel too closed in, besides, I have a back garden I would rather give the tourists a chance to look around without me stepping on their toes.

So where is this going you ask? I have no clue I reply. This is a time where you, my readers have an opportunity to meet me, the writer inside the stories.

I have so many plans for my life, this is why I am going to write them down, I do not want to forget a single plan. I know who I want to be and I know what I want to do and best of all, I know that I can do it.

Two days ago I recieved a copy of my first published book. As mentioned previously a very close friend and work collegue Raven Phoenix has published, and I am privileged to be beside him as an author.

Two days ago my first column was published in The Grimsby Telegraph. It was my first step in to the…

Published Column.

So please have a read, share to Facebook, Tweet it, recommend it if you like it! I appreciate every share.

Much love. X

Boneata Bell