Be aware

Never be too quick to dismiss the intelligence of an animal.

My life would be incomplete if it were not for the animals in my life that make me smile on the dullest of days. Currently I own one bird, two rabbits and two dogs. It wasn't long ago that two of my other birds died of old age. Time spent with an animal is never long enough, and it should be treasured.

If you do not own an animal in my opinion your life is not complete. You have never experienced a little bird coming to the front of the cage to kiss you or a little dog trying his hardest to smile. Yes, that is the recent trick my little dog has mastered. We didn't teach him it, he is copying our body language. When we are happy with him and we are praising him he lifts up his front lips and shows us his little teeth while wagging his tail. It is floor-less. There is nothing more adorable.

People (some) believe that animals do not know how to feel. In my opinion this is pure ignarance on the side of the human being. It is very clear that animals know. It is clear that they remember. It is just simple human ignorance to state otherwise.

Therefore my aim for life is to insure the protection and care of all animals, all types, all sizes, all personalities. To see one animal lost to animal cruelty is a failure. We cannot afford to lose any. But without the help of the general public there is nothing I can do to help them all. Be aware of animal cruelty. 


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