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Gary A Pearson III or more commonly known as Raven Phoenix is vice President at a company specialising in games for autistic children, D3xsoft. Raven has been at this job for a number of years now after being promoted. He initially set foot within the company after being offered the job by the President of the company, also known as the Boss here in England, and he quickly became a very large influence within then work place, making his way swiftly to the top. Although the company is now suffering along with all of the workforce during the recession, initially it was very successful; the idea became a massive hit, it was a very large gap in the market place and for all of those parents against violence in video games this is the company to turn too.

Mr. Pearson explained what it was about his job that he loved so much "the creative freedom, and ability to help others" certainly with a company that has such influence in America it would certainly be a privilege to work for it, Mr Pearson was thirty-two when he began working on the project and has since had many sleepless nights; although a job may be worth the while in the end, it can certainly be difficult along the road.

The biggest achievement the he feels he has achieved so far along his journey is that he has written three books so far, and has more publishing planed for early next year, around January/February 2012. In his spare time he is also a writer, Mr. Pearson juggles his career creating a game very important in the life of children with extra needs and becoming a well-known author and poet. Although the company is under competition to stay the best it has many new ideas and a very good staff force. On a more personal note the main aim for Gary himself is to 'allow autistic children to get a better grasp upon the world in which they live".

Autism is very common across the world and effects over half a million people in the UK alone, the effect it has on every child that has the condition is different and some that have it may also be affected by other disabilities. Autism is genrally a difficulty to communicate with people, or to relate to others, for somebody suffering from it they may become frightened by the situation and nervous, resulting in problems that are similar to panic attacks, this is why it is important to help with the process from a very young age, there is no cure however there are techniques such as Mr. Pearson's game design that help with the process of managing Autism.

Gary has been writing for many years now and has his own blog of his writing, although in the near future he plans to faze this out in the hope that his work will no longer be distributed for free, he would Ideally like to be paid for his talent. To see Ravens blog visit:

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