The Starbucks Journey

It was Thursday 22nd March when I had my very first Starbucks. To my close friends this was a huge shock because it took me such a long time to experience this delight. On arriving home I intended to share my 'Starbucks' experience with my parents, but was horrified that my mother had never heard of Starbucks. In my shock it slipped my mind to tell her of the importance of Starbucks, and what an importance it is in the lives of teenagers these days!

So on my next 'meeting' with my mother, I sat her down and began to explain the significance of Starbucks.

The shock goes on... I then went to my grandparents house and was telling them of my parent's lack of knowledge on the subject when my grandma suddenly interrupts with 'What is a Starbucks?'.

It seems that my family truly are lacking in modern beauties of the world.

So I have now made a pact with myself, and the team at Estuary radio after telling them of my shock, that I will be taking my mother for a Starbucks, there will be pictures, and plenty of them, as I am sure it will be an experience that she will not forget. Her response was simple, 'Okay, If I get free coffee'. She clearly does not understand.

My family need educating. I am appalled.

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