Being a Radio Presenter

It is my fifth week as a radio presenter at Estuary Radio. Next Friday will be my sixth show and I have loved every minute of it. In total we have now presented for ten hours, it doesn't sound like a lot but every minute of it is enjoyable, fun and a little bit of a relief that there is actually something out there that meets my media and writing requirements! I am too demanding but I know what I want and to be honest, Estuary radio is exactly that.

Since being a presenter I have made some new friends and gained lots of confidence in the studio, I even feel I could do the show alone now if necessary, to be honest the atmosphere in the studio is amazing, when people think of volunteering they feel dread and a sense of  'slave labour' but it is exactally the opposite! It is enjoyable, amazing and so exciting it is unreal! To know that I am talking to listeners and I am on my way to a career doing something that I love fills me with delight!

Other members of the team have made myself and Za'e Johnson feel very welcome from the beginning and I just cannot wait to get there every Friday! If you are not involved with Estuary Radio I truely believe you are missing out, the music is great, the people are great and the job is just great! If you aren't involved, if you aren't listening, get involved and listen. There are new things happening all of the time so you will never get bored, and when nobody is presenting they even have the Jukebox playing, non stop music!

Get the Estuary Radio app for your smart phones, tabs etc it is called 'TuneIn', then you never have to miss a moment. It is amazing. I can actually call myself a radio presenter.

So listen in, any time of day or night on I will be presenting every Friday 1:00PM - 3:00PM but there are also some other brilliant shows to suit every listener including Stu Cox every Saturday afternoon with a sports show I believe, plus Martin Samuel's breakfast show and many more. Just tune in and see for yourselves.
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