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This is Raven

Gary A Pearson III or more commonly known as Raven Phoenix is vice President at a company specialising in games for autistic children, D3xsoft. Raven has been at this job for a number of years now after being promoted. He initially set foot within the company after being offered the job by the President of the company, also known as the Boss here in England, and he quickly became a very large influence within then work place, making his way swiftly to the top. Although the company is now suffering along with all of the workforce during the recession, initially it was very successful; the idea became a massive hit, it was a very large gap in the market place and for all of those parents against violence in video games this is the company to turn too.

Mr. Pearson explained what it was about his job that he loved so much "the creative freedom, and ability to help others" certainly with a company that has such influence in America it would certainly be a privilege to work for it…

The Starbucks Journey

It was Thursday 22nd March when I had my very first Starbucks. To my close friends this was a huge shock because it took me such a long time to experience this delight. On arriving home I intended to share my 'Starbucks' experience with my parents, but was horrified that my mother had never heard of Starbucks. In my shock it slipped my mind to tell her of the importance of Starbucks, and what an importance it is in the lives of teenagers these days!

So on my next 'meeting' with my mother, I sat her down and began to explain the significance of Starbucks.

The shock goes on... I then went to my grandparents house and was telling them of my parent's lack of knowledge on the subject when my grandma suddenly interrupts with 'What is a Starbucks?'.

It seems that my family truly are lacking in modern beauties of the world.

So I have now made a pact with myself, and the team at Estuary radio after telling them of my shock, that I will be taking my mother for a Sta…

Being a Radio Presenter

It is my fifth week as a radio presenter at Estuary Radio. Next Friday will be my sixth show and I have loved every minute of it. In total we have now presented for ten hours, it doesn't sound like a lot but every minute of it is enjoyable, fun and a little bit of a relief that there is actually something out there that meets my media and writing requirements! I am too demanding but I know what I want and to be honest, Estuary radio is exactly that.

Since being a presenter I have made some new friends and gained lots of confidence in the studio, I even feel I could do the show alone now if necessary, to be honest the atmosphere in the studio is amazing, when people think of volunteering they feel dread and a sense of  'slave labour' but it is exactally the opposite! It is enjoyable, amazing and so exciting it is unreal! To know that I am talking to listeners and I am on my way to a career doing something that I love fills me with delight!

Other members of the team have ma…