Six Soldiers Die

On Tuesday night a taliban bomb struck, killing six young soldiers as they defended our country. I am sure you have read it, the faces of the six men are making headlines on both local and international newspapers; but is a headline enough?
Families will be grieving for their loved and lost ones for years to come, and more brave men will enter the country that killed them six men, them six 'brothers'. They are not just men that are making headlines, they are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and they always will be.

A child will grow without a father, a mother will grow without her son, but more blood will be shed as more will enter 'the areana', as their lives are taken one by one.

Six British fallen heroes, Sgt. Nigel Coupe, Cpl. Jake Hartley, Pte. Anthony Frampton, Pte. Daniel Wilford, Pte. Daniel Wade and Pte. Christopher Kershaw.

These names will be sitting upon British history forever. These are the names of six men, six heroes, that will not be forgotten.

To the mums', to the wives', to the daughters', cousins' and friends', rest assured knowing that they died as somebody, they made history, even if they did not know it. Do not forget these names, and do not forget the famalies of these names, my heart goes out to them, I hope they they find happiness again, amongst the missing pieces new ones will fill the holes, never completly, but time does heal them wounds. We will not forget, we will treasure.

To those with family fighting out there, love them but never lose them. Treasure every second with them, and every second without them.

R.I.P to our British soldiers.

Boneata Bell


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