The Education Road, Part Three

This job hunting is going... well? It wasn't, until yesterday when I received an e-mail inviting me to a meeting from the manager of the job I have applied for. I am so excited, I do not know if I will get the job but it is the first job I have not just received an automatic rejection from; and that is something to be happy about.

Jobs these days are so hard to get, I send my CV, and receive that e-mail of rejection. I used to LOVE opening them e-mails, finding out maybe... just maybe I have got the job, but two years of rejections and now I dread to open them, that is if they even bother to reply at all.

So, what am I doing wrong? I have thirteen GCSE's A-C, distinction level first diploma in media studies and I also have a distinction level diploma in journalism, print and publishing. I volunteer for the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, in the RSPCA shop and for VOXX magazine. I have over fifteen published poems, and six published articles; but still, no job. My scedule is busy and the only day of the week I get a 'lie-in' is Sunday, and even then Sunday is the only day I get to clean out the rabbits (which takes an hour!) and spend time with my partner.

For anybody having problems finding a job, do not take it to heart and feel like you are failing because of it, it is the state of the world today and I do not feel enough is being done to sort it out; but that is just my opinion, I do not see what is going on, so I am not the person to judge.

Currently I am volunteering at VOXX Magazine, I have just been interviewed for a video that will be published on the website, I love it here, it you are not involved, you should be. The jobs are not coming in and neither is the experience so to work here is exactally what I need. New things are happening recently, I designed the layout for a page last week and this week, as I mentioned before I took part in a video interview. (Keep a look out on

Not much is happening with college, everything is the same, I am on target, I have no outstanding work and I still have 100% attendence for the year.

Tomorrow, after my job meeting I will be volunteering at the RSPCA, things there are brilliant, we have changed the way we sort out the clothing rails so things have become much more organised, and the managers have told us that if we have any ideas for the RSPCA we are welcome to give them feedback. Not to give too much information but there are a few ideas that we have suggested so we will just be waiting until summer to see if they are accepted or declined. When people work together it makes a place a better place, and that as a volunteer is my goal. To achieve.

On a similar note after volunteer work tomorrow me and my partner will be attending my friend's eighteenth birthday party. I talk about her in my article I Miss School, we spent 80% of our time together during Primary and Secondary school education. For the record, I do not plan on getting drunk. But let's see what Sunday morning brings! Happy eighteenth to my girl tomorrow!

Boneata Bell

Article includes information about:
The Grimsby Institute
VOXX Magazine / CPO Media
RSPCA Shop, St Peters Avenue


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