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The History of Bangles

The History of bangles –
An untold meaning: Although a bangle appears to be a symbol of fashion in India, it is also a symbol of wealth and social status, from birth a child is expected to receive either a copper, silver or gold bangle, although gold is preferred copper and silver are accepted. The child is then expected to wear the bangle until they outgrow it and is then expected to keep it to pass on to their children, and them to their children. When in adult life a woman is expected to wear as many gold bangles as she owns, in England the bangle is a symbol of fashion, and maybe the weight and cost of it will represent wealth or generosity of it’s giver but is not as important as in India. If an Indian woman owns twenty bangles she is expected to wear them all, and that is how much money she has and how high she is on a social scale. The more bangles she owns the wealthier she is.
During the times of slavery bangles because a form of currency, Africans began to notice how they too…

The Estuary Radio journey!

So what happens tomorrow...? Well, apart from the long awaited Friday, It will be my second week of broadcasting on Estuary radio! Exciting right?
Last Friday was my first week, along with Za'e Johnson we began broadcasting from 1:00PM until 3:00PM, I will admit it, we were both a quivering mess! There were a few slip up's on our first show but for our second we will be planning ahead, to give you, our listeners, an amazing piece of radio broadcast! We accept requests and make sure you are listening for our discussions in between, this week we have some interesting topics planned, but I am not going to tell you what they are, you are just going to have to tune in on estuaryradio (Click for link!)

Last week Za'e Johnson took the lead, learning how to use the buttons and making the scary leap of being in charge, it was my job to find something to talk about, I should have planned this better, but now I know what mistakes I made I can improve on them! This week I am in '…

Six Soldiers Die

On Tuesday night a taliban bomb struck, killing six young soldiers as they defended our country. I am sure you have read it, the faces of the six men are making headlines on both local and international newspapers; but is a headline enough?
Families will be grieving for their loved and lost ones for years to come, and more brave men will enter the country that killed them six men, them six 'brothers'. They are not just men that are making headlines, they are fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and they always will be.

A child will grow without a father, a mother will grow without her son, but more blood will be shed as more will enter 'the areana', as their lives are taken one by one.

Six British fallen heroes, Sgt. Nigel Coupe, Cpl. Jake Hartley, Pte. Anthony Frampton, Pte. Daniel Wilford, Pte. Daniel Wade and Pte. Christopher Kershaw.

These names will be sitting upon British history forever. These are the names of six men, six heroes, that will not be forgotten…

International Women's Day

Janet Street Porter
Janet Street Porter has a reputation for speaking her mind, with no holding back!
She now presents on Loose Women, not only does she write for The Independent but also for the Mail Online. Janet Street Porter has a regular column in the Daily Mail every Monday. Recently she has also been an editor for ITV2 as well as having published her own book ‘Fallout’ which includes many of her personal memoirs.
Her career in broadcasting and within the media began in 1973 where she hosted on Britain’s first commercial radio station, and she is still working within the media today. In 1981 she gained a BAFTA nominee and won the BAFTA for originality, making her a very international woman.
By the age of twenty-one Janet Street porter had switched her architectural career for a journalism career and was writing four different magazines, these were: Architectural Designs, Design Magazine, Harpers and Queen and Vogue.
Presently she writes celebrity interviews each month for Marie Clai…

The Education Road, Part Three

This job hunting is going... well? It wasn't, until yesterday when I received an e-mail inviting me to a meeting from the manager of the job I have applied for. I am so excited, I do not know if I will get the job but it is the first job I have not just received an automatic rejection from; and that is something to be happy about.

Jobs these days are so hard to get, I send my CV, and receive that e-mail of rejection. I used to LOVE opening them e-mails, finding out maybe... just maybe I have got the job, but two years of rejections and now I dread to open them, that is if they even bother to reply at all.

So, what am I doing wrong? I have thirteen GCSE's A-C, distinction level first diploma in media studies and I also have a distinction level diploma in journalism, print and publishing. I volunteer for the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, in the RSPCA shop and for VOXX magazine. I have over fifteen published poems, and six published articles; but still, no job. My scedule is busy …