My Recently Published Poem

Just in case you did not read the Grimsby Telegraph here is my latest published poem:

In relation to previous letters that I have sent in, I believe people should be more positive about this world and what can be done with it. I am on the quest to find a better world. 'In the heart of a dreamer, they must just believe.' is the main phrase of this poem, explaining to the world why we must believe. Again I say, fight for our future.

Just Believe 

Words unsaid are words yet to part,
Although unwritten they rest in my heart.
Yet to be said, they cease to control;
The ticket to worship waiting there to unfold.
Bring cobwebs to my bedside,
And dust upon my door,
There lies the hidden; it’s not hidden anymore.

Time is had no meaning as the words as locked away,
The dreams they keep on dancing
Staying close there, anyway.
Words unsaid are words yet to leave;
In the heart of a dreamer, they must just believe.

And there is stands collecting dust to coat across my walls,
There I tell my head that I can’t write it anymore.
But there it lies, the negatives a mess;
Words unsaid and words yet to rest,
In the heart of a writer
The game is the test.

Boneata Bell, Cleethorpes


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