The Education Road - Part Two

I never thought that I would pass that test, for the Multi-Platform Journalism course. It was a spelling/grammar/punctuation test and that is not my strong point. I took me so long, I spent every one of those days I had to complete it going over it and over it, looking for mistakes. But the thing is, I must have passed that test because now I have a conditional offer for the course.

I have a new dilema. Do I choose the Professional Writing course, or the Multi-Platform Journalism course?  I was convinced that I would not make it past that test. But now... both of the courses are me; I cannot deny that. I write, and write, and write. Both jobs do that, so how do I decide which course is my future...?

I think I know. I think that I have know since word go, but that step is b i g. For £9,000 a year I think that it is important that I pick the course I know I want.

So, what's been happening recently? I am up-to-date with all of my college work, recently put in for the diploma in media with 'DD' grade, which I was thrilled about, so college is fine. The only work I have withstanding is an essay, but that is not due in for a short while.

VOXX Magazine is great; I recently wrote two articles, one for Caxton's Theatre and one about animal abuse which I have been informed will be printed. I almost jumped when the man from Caxton's told me my article was brilliant. Pride. Happiness. Nerves.

Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. If I get it right this time. I certainly have to get it right nxt time. And make smething better than even the best.

My poem was published in Thursday nights Grimsby Telegraph, and I received some brilliant feedback.

So on the whole, the education road has taken the right turn, I am coming up to a junction, now I decide which way to turn.

Boneata Bell


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