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I miss school

I have been looking back at my childhood recently. Mainly because life at the age of eighteen seems pretty hard at the moment; pressure from life, pressure from peers and pressure from complete strangers. In primary school I was worrying about the fact that the boy in my life would not admit he was in fact, in my life, and the 'popular boys' running off with my pencil case. I wish sometimes it was only such simple problems I had to cry over now. The other biggest problem at Humberston primary was 'best-friend falling outs', I would spend so much of my time arguing about who was the most popular, who had not given me a 'friendship bracelett' and who had not text me back and had chosen another friend over me. I miss those friends, the ones I was stuck with. Funnily enough, I miss the girl who used to taunt me during class with accusations that I had 'made up' my father's death. Stupid me misses it all. It made me a stronger person so in this bleak an…

My Recently Published Poem

Just in case you did not read the Grimsby Telegraph here is my latest published poem:

In relation to previous letters that I have sent in, I believe people should be more positive about this world and what can be done with it. I am on the quest to find a better world. 'In the heart of a dreamer, they must just believe.' is the main phrase of this poem, explaining to the world why we must believe. Again I say, fight for our future.

Just Believe 
Words unsaid are words yet to part, Although unwritten they rest in my heart. Yet to be said, they cease to control; The ticket to worship waiting there to unfold. Bring cobwebs to my bedside, And dust upon my door, There lies the hidden; it’s not hidden anymore.
Time is had no meaning as the words as locked away, The dreams they keep on dancing Staying close there, anyway. Words unsaid are words yet to leave; In the heart of a dreamer, they must just believe.
And there is stands collecting dust to coat across my walls, There I tell my head that I can…

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VOXX Magazine is now online!

Check out my latest review. Visit the magazine online above! (And look out for the amazing work of my good friends too!)


The Education Road - Part Two

I never thought that I would pass that test, for the Multi-Platform Journalism course. It was a spelling/grammar/punctuation test and that is not my strong point. I took me so long, I spent every one of those days I had to complete it going over it and over it, looking for mistakes. But the thing is, I must have passed that test because now I have a conditional offer for the course.

I have a new dilema. Do I choose the Professional Writing course, or the Multi-Platform Journalism course?  I was convinced that I would not make it past that test. But now... both of the courses are me; I cannot deny that. I write, and write, and write. Both jobs do that, so how do I decide which course is my future...?

I think I know. I think that I have know since word go, but that step is b i g. For £9,000 a year I think that it is important that I pick the course I know I want.

So, what's been happening recently? I am up-to-date with all of my college work, recently put in for the diploma in media…

Facebook, think twise...

Facebook is one of the most trouble causing social media sites out there. That is of course, if you let it be. I’m forever hearing complaints about bullying over Facebook, there is quite a simple solution to this; block them! To the older generation, Facebook is the trouble that you take home from school or work with you; it’s the ‘acquaintances’ you don’t want to associate with and the ‘popular kids’ that you don’t want reading your diary. However, Facebook is what you make it, as it is with every other social networking or chat site out there. Facebook is no virus, you can turn it off, and you can delete it, such complexity! Not.
Bullying over social networking sites just ticks me off, its one simple click to get rid of these bored attention seeking nutters so why give them the encouragement to waste their time? You give reporters, like me hopefully, the stupid stories that fill the papers that then give parents, like mine, the impression that Facebook is some suicide bomb timer cont…

The Education Road

OK, so today was one of those days where them spelling mistakes were getting on top of me. I've been studying journalism and media for nearly four years; I have always known what I wanted but when the spelling mistakes are crawling out of my writing pieces in every direction it puts me down, I feel like maybe I will never pick it up...

One thing I intend to live by for the rest of my life is a bit of a fact that my tutor pointed out; 'if you put your mind to something, you can do it.' it's quite simple really, it is true. It is the most obvious thing to me, now that somebody has pointed it out. So now when I am feeling down about my work, I put my mind to it.

So media, when did I decide that it was for me? Year eight, the year when you select your options at school. I picked media and History. I am not even going to talk about how my History went but media was defiantly my main goal. I achieved full distinctions across the board when I finished the course, so then I be…

The honorable Curse

This ring sits upon my finger like molten gold
Sitting upon lava.
It is there to be seen and to Be treasured in the eyes Of the prey - stalking me
Like a thousand soldiers Stalking an enemy.
It keeps me sane. It keeps me controlled.
This ring sits upon my finger like molten gold Sitting upon lava.
It's a curse that We all one day obey by us all.
It's an honour.
It's dedication in the darkest hours.
It's chaos, and blunder. Showers and thunder
In the midst of the war between me
And you.
Boneata Bell 2012