The Dreams. The weird and the impossible.

I though I would give you a map of my dreams, outline everything I want, and everything I want to be, some things some would say are impossible, somethings some would say are too common, but I am only another human being, with the same but different dreams as everybody else, so where you may find repetition you may also find extraordinary difference. This is me.

I would like to finish my current college course with distinction across the board, and then go on to study at University and also there to receive the highest grade possible, I would love to graduate, to wear the gown and hat like they do in films, like the average person only dreams about. In the meantime I'd like to save money, to use on the things I love like animals and travelling. I would love to travel the world, visit at least every country once. I'd like to live dangerously but sensibly. Do a parachute jump, and not tell my mum until I had done it. I'd like to do everything once, just to say I did. To lie on my death bed in one hundred years with no regrets. I want the age of death to expand. I feel we should all live longer than one hundred years, it's just too short.

- And shhh don't tell, I already have a list of the things I have done, just to say I have done it once.

After graduation/ during or even now, I'd like a little job, low pay, hard hours and a ladder to climb to work my way up. I'm ambitious. I don't like to be handed big prizes on a plate, I want to work for them. The ultimate dream would be to have enough talent to earn a well-paid job at a young age, that is really what would be perfect, through talent though, not money. Or lack of it.

I would like a steady husband, I'd like to be married by the time I am 25, at the latest. I don't want to be old in my wedding pictures and I want my most precious family there, if you wait to long, who knows where they will be. I would like children, one day. But not anytime soon. When I have children I want to be in a position where I am my own manager and can work from home so that I can be there for my one little girl and one little boy. It will be a hard struggle, but it will pay off when I get my wage check and can give my children everthing they want from me.

I will be a writer, and I will get paid for what I love. I will never give it up, and I will never give the fight for it up. I will be designing and writing for my own magazine company, yeah, that sounds right, and it will be published locally but sold world-wide with it's success. Every night I will have a man that comes home from work to me, we look after the house equally and happily - together. None of this women belong in the kitchen malarkey. I don't think he would dare say that though, I'm so bad at cooking I'd give him food poisoning.

By this time I will have a house of my own, I own it, shared with my husband, with my children's names on it for when I die. It will be beautiful. I would have saved up enough money to design my own art and pay manufacturers to make it. It will be in Binbrook. The countryside in England, the place I grew up by the pond, the dragonflies and sheep roaming the hills, the owls frightening us by swooping low at night. I'd buy back that pond, and have it re-opened. It's mum's childhood, and mine. But we'd travel to the city, and to our families regularly, the fields would not become boring, just peaceful.

I'll keep studying, I'll have enough money to pay for courses that I will never use for work necessarily, but because I love the sound of them like flower arranging and cake decorating. The money wouldn't have grown on trees though, it would still be this hard owned money that I have earned.

Achievement addiction. I think that must be the condition I have. I have to achieve the highest I can or I am a failure. My first real achievement was in year 11 of secondary school, I won the media award and had to stand up on stage, that is the first real time I came out of my shell. Before that I was the girl in the corner, now I regret that I wasn't the main actor in those school plays, my family never missed a play, even though I was always the sheep in the corner or the pick-pockiter behind the stage.

My next dream would be my family, they would be comfortable, and mainly healthy. I will not put my parents into a home, I will care for them whatever means necessary. I will never fall out with them perminently, we will make up quickly from every argument.

I will ride a horse. Preferably own one. A dream since childhood, that will one day come true.

There is so much I could write about my dreams, and maybe I will write more, in a different article, but for now this one is getting long and there is no end to my dreams. But I'd like to say never stop dreaming, or your life becomes worthless.

Dreams can be something so simple, yet so complex.

Boneata Bell.

January 2012.


  1. WOW! Never give up Bon. :) <3

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