Bring on 2012

I feel good about 2012 because I've enjoyed the entering into it, although Christmas wasn't what I was expecting with spending the whole time ill I still have a good feeling. I've had a spring clean, or I am in the process of one, I have ditched all of the Christmas boxes and minimized junk, and I am also relieved that the sight of chocolate is making me feel ill, so the heaps of boxes I received for Christmas will be sneaked downstairs so that I do not have to eat them myself...

I have, like a large percentage of the world made myself some new years resolutions, and it is also the one that is probably the most popular. Weight loss. I am not expecting a lot, but the Wii tells me I am 6lb from being in the 'Healthy Section' of weight. So my new years resolution? To lose at least 6lb by this time next year. Hopefully sooner though.

Another resolution is to save money. I've never been ridiculously bad at it, but I just don't really have anything to show for the money that I have saved, so save it sensibly, and spend it sensibly.

Lastly, I decided to post this on my blog because the world can see it, which honesty, if that is not enough inspiration to reach my goals, nothing will be. I mean, If I do not lose the weight and save the money, the whole world will know. So hopefully this time next year I will be celebrating my success, and not contemplating changing my name.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, good health, and happiness. And thank you for following my updates.

Boneata Bell
January 2nd 201


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