Boundaries of Love

How far can you push the line between opposite attraction?

I have been in a relationship for four years now, and I feel there could not be two more individual and opposite human beings. When I first met that man, he was an alcoholic, a smoker and a rocker, he met the girl who had never smoked and never been drunk in her life, and the most rock she ever listened to was the first ten seconds flicking off the radio channel when a song began to play.

So from the very beginning, we were placing the black with the white.

It was about a year into the relationship when we began to see the differences closely, when we finally new each other. The scientist meets the animal worshiper. The experiment meets the tree hugger.
Is the relationship working? Right now? I'd say yes. We are happy opposites, we've had our many arguments about whose opinion is right, but at the end of the day, we both are. But at the end of the day not every opposite relationship is going to work, and how do we even know that is the reason we are working?

One of the happiest days of my life was when this man proposed to me, plans started whirling around my head, and when I said yes of course, his. White wedding, beautiful gown, long hair, long painted nails, close family and friends, soft music, first dance... or soaring through the sky on the top of an aeroplane, just the two of us. Great. Could we have a much more different perspective of the perfect wedding?

The wedding day hasn't been, and is yet no where near coming financally, but will the wedding day work? I do not know. But somehow I think us two sun and rain will work it through.

Next blunder you ask? Oh yeah, that came about, what... two years into the relationship, when I realised his idea of a family was ten children, a stay at home wife and a pint of beer in the fridge, where as mine was no children, or one, a thriving career, no alcohol in the entire house and a very silent and peaceful house. None of this heavy metal. Your wondering, do we live together yet? No. So will that work, I have no idea. The thing is, a four year relationship, and we are here now, we've had our up's and downs but we are still together.

His language, oh dear. I come from a very upper-class family and household where I heard my very first swear word at about the age of fifteen in secondary school, so then came into my life and into my heart the man who swears so often that he does not realise that he is swearing. I ask myself why do I love this man, I can't answer the question. He's too different to answer it. I love him, I don't know why. I just know I do, introducing him to my parents wasn't easy, and the two of us live three different lives, the one with me and him, the one with his parents, and the one with mine. Will that work, is that working?

The biggest hurdles I am sure are yet to come, the marriage, moving in together, buying a property, location, children, careers, night's out and if we ever face unemployment of course, the stress that can put on a family is crazy!

So how far can you push the boundaries between opposites of love? I'll soon find out.

Boneata Bell

Copyright. 2012 BBell.


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