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Child Innocence

I'm sat on a street corner, crying. Cars pass, 50mph down a 30mph stretch of road. It's cold; I left my coat behind in the heat of the argument. Apparently it's dangerous. It's 9pm. Autumn. People pass, they stare, automatically I'm forced on defense, thoughts running through my mind 'he has a knife'. Some blank out my still figure, sat on the roadside beside the church, guessing that some must assume I'm an alcoholic or drug addict, that's the way people think these days. A gang passes; I attempt a casual stroll down the next busiest street. They've done nothing to harm me or nothing to scare me but I'm intimidated. It's 2010. Once they have passed I move back to where I came from, glass cracked and broken at my feet, a home of obvious stories. Alone in the dark I begin to think of life before the crime and murder, the life when teenagers could walk the street at night, the life when a knife was a kitchen instrument, but actually, I'm…

Boundaries of Love

How far can you push the line between opposite attraction?

I have been in a relationship for four years now, and I feel there could not be two more individual and opposite human beings. When I first met that man, he was an alcoholic, a smoker and a rocker, he met the girl who had never smoked and never been drunk in her life, and the most rock she ever listened to was the first ten seconds flicking off the radio channel when a song began to play.

So from the very beginning, we were placing the black with the white.

It was about a year into the relationship when we began to see the differences closely, when we finally new each other. The scientist meets the animal worshiper. The experiment meets the tree hugger.
Is the relationship working? Right now? I'd say yes. We are happy opposites, we've had our many arguments about whose opinion is right, but at the end of the day, we both are. But at the end of the day not every opposite relationship is going to work, and how do we eve…

The Dreams. The weird and the impossible.

I though I would give you a map of my dreams, outline everything I want, and everything I want to be, some things some would say are impossible, somethings some would say are too common, but I am only another human being, with the same but different dreams as everybody else, so where you may find repetition you may also find extraordinary difference. This is me.

I would like to finish my current college course with distinction across the board, and then go on to study at University and also there to receive the highest grade possible, I would love to graduate, to wear the gown and hat like they do in films, like the average person only dreams about. In the meantime I'd like to save money, to use on the things I love like animals and travelling. I would love to travel the world, visit at least every country once. I'd like to live dangerously but sensibly. Do a parachute jump, and not tell my mum until I had done it. I'd like to do everything once, just to say I did. To lie …

Bring on 2012

I feel good about 2012 because I've enjoyed the entering into it, although Christmas wasn't what I was expecting with spending the whole time ill I still have a good feeling. I've had a spring clean, or I am in the process of one, I have ditched all of the Christmas boxes and minimized junk, and I am also relieved that the sight of chocolate is making me feel ill, so the heaps of boxes I received for Christmas will be sneaked downstairs so that I do not have to eat them myself...

I have, like a large percentage of the world made myself some new years resolutions, and it is also the one that is probably the most popular. Weight loss. I am not expecting a lot, but the Wii tells me I am 6lb from being in the 'Healthy Section' of weight. So my new years resolution? To lose at least 6lb by this time next year. Hopefully sooner though.

Another resolution is to save money. I've never been ridiculously bad at it, but I just don't really have anything to show for th…