The Nightmare. Saturday 3rd Dec. 2011

There was something frightening about that hill, something wrong with it, but to the child playing by my side it appeared to be forest of adventure. I was getting old now, and had an instinct of steal, my greying beard was drowning out any skin that used to once belong to a face of a young man with no worries, or cares; the scars were covered by that ageing beard.

My grandson carried on playing wildly through the grass, the birds appeared happy, no signs of any intruders or tense atmosphere, in fact beauty shone upon these grounds, but as in many a fantasy something didn't feel right. I leave him be, not wanting to pull him away from such a scenery, the smile on his face was a picture and the rest of the family were close by, I'm not sure If I knew this or if I just felt it but I new they were close by. We began to pick up pace and we approached a tunnel, a shadow was stalking us and the mood of my little grandson seemed to dimmer some what. I felt this shadow stalking me, but no face was viewable.  It walked at our pace so I decided to walk on as usual, trying desperately not to show the playing child my tension.

We neared the tunnel. I had not realised just how close the shadow now was, but I picked up pace, warning little Josh of just how important it is that we speed up, the shadow then speed up, like a creature on two legs hopping from side to side dangerously, so quickly is was on our side before I could blink, teasing us with it's desperate wit, playing with it's food. I don't know how I knew this, but I did.

We ran through the tunnel, it began closing in on us and little Josh began to quiver but no tear touched his face, he is a brave little boy. I made it to the other side, the face of our family calling to us, but josh got stuck, I watched in horror as I became the boy, I covered my face as the shadow approached; terror being something I was not so surely used to as such a young age. Suddenly the world stopped and I peeped up from under my arm, and as I looked, the face was peering under my arm back at me. It was my own face starring back into my eyes, with a menacing smile on it's face. I woke up.

Copyright. Boneata Bell.


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