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It is a true fact, there is no full stop to gaming. There truly is no end. Whether it is a game in the playground or a game on the Playstation 3, we were playing games far before we advanced to such technology. So now that we have established that games will never come to an end, and only advance very swiftly, how far do we go before we go to far?

Is it when our character becomes a cannibal and all we can place our hands into the screen to pull up the body of our victim and begin to eat them by pulling them into our mouths in a virtual reality? Or is it when games become reality, when they place you into a room and lock the door and leave you so that you are willing to participate in a number of challenges just to get out, to finish the task you have been given. Or are both acceptable?

As humans we have a need to feel satisfaction, we need to complete a game, and more realistic, the better. My sim is currently on 100% happiness and is in a relationship status of dating, the further tasks they give me the more I play. How long will it be until that character is a real person that we are controlling? How long until we are prostituting them into relationship status' in order to complete our games?

On the other hand, games are vital to our civilization and we have been conning other countries and towns into bargaining and loaning since the very day we began to bargain. So how far really is too far, and what would you do, would you stop, or ask yourself truly, you were born to game, you were taught to game, you were taught to compete, so will you game on?



  1. I like this Bon! Totally agree. Sometimes it's hard to tell between reality and game. :) xx

  2. You should look at the situation with professional E-Sports and the affect it has on gaming, culture and society.

    There's so much to discuss here I don't even know where to begin.


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