Christmas is about relaxing

I am about to conduct an interview with a fisherman who has devoted his life around fishing. It will be an exciting experience to ask the questions that I have not even asked myself.
One of the most exciting things I find about every day are the new experiences that occur, this year, me and my fiancé put the Christmas decorations up together, after four years of a relationship we have never done that before, and I must say I would like to do it again.

My opinion of Christmas is that it would not be the same without all of the hype, the Christmas songs, the lights and the laughter, it's not about what money you do or don't have, it truly is about the mince pies! For me, I can not recall a Christmas without mince pies and a packet of Christmas crackers on the table next to the Christmas dinner. It's a tradition. That's what Christmas is, it's about the smile on people's faces, family gatherings and even to recall loved ones who have passed away. I really hate to see people panicking about Christmas when really, it's a part of life we should enjoy, a time when we should sit back and relax.

I cannot wait for Christmas, I know my family are not rich this year, and so far I have purchased only two presents, Assassins Creed for my fiancé and some perfume for my mum, but I'm excited all the same, because as I said before. Relax and enjoy.


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