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My canary, and Me!

Every year I have the same dream. The same dream that terrifies me, and for months on end I am convinced that my bird will die. I have this belief that many disagree with; an animal is just as important as a human being, my animals mean the world to me, and now that my canary has reached such an old age for his species I am dreading the day he will pass away, because reality is, I can’t avoid it. It will happen.
I wish I could stop it, you know? Avoid the pain. I got my bird, Tweety from an egg, his siblings began to not let him eat as he was the tiniest and the weakest, so my granddad gave him to me, we hand-fed him and he became tame, he began to develop an attitude problem and have a little personality all of his own. A few years later, I lost my father. Tweety became everything to me, he became the one I would cry to, and the one I would spill my deepest feelings to, he wouldn’t judge. Just listen.
To some people you see, they don’t understand the bond you can have with an animal, b…

The Jelousy Bug

This article is not scientific. It is not factual, it is pure opinion. As my life has consisted of much jealousy, I thought It appropriate to write an article about how we jealous people feel, and why we feel it. The main problem I have come across is, that those that do not feel the emotion are usually very much against the emotion, and put us jealous one's down, making us feel inadequate, and as if there is something wrong with us. Thing is, there isn't anything wrong with us at all, and jealously is more common than you may know, not every relationship is public and it is more common among women than men; if you think logically about this women are emotion-based living beings and men are practical beings, this is exactly why we are the most jealous.

Fact. We do NOT want to be jealous.

Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with, and why people would imagine we want to feel like we are not the most important, or special, I do not know. How much easier our liv…

Game on

It is a true fact, there is no full stop to gaming. There truly is no end. Whether it is a game in the playground or a game on the Playstation 3, we were playing games far before we advanced to such technology. So now that we have established that games will never come to an end, and only advance very swiftly, how far do we go before we go to far?

Is it when our character becomes a cannibal and all we can place our hands into the screen to pull up the body of our victim and begin to eat them by pulling them into our mouths in a virtual reality? Or is it when games become reality, when they place you into a room and lock the door and leave you so that you are willing to participate in a number of challenges just to get out, to finish the task you have been given. Or are both acceptable?

As humans we have a need to feel satisfaction, we need to complete a game, and more realistic, the better. My sim is currently on 100% happiness and is in a relationship status of dating, the further ta…

Christmas is about relaxing

I am about to conduct an interview with a fisherman who has devoted his life around fishing. It will be an exciting experience to ask the questions that I have not even asked myself.
One of the most exciting things I find about every day are the new experiences that occur, this year, me and my fiancé put the Christmas decorations up together, after four years of a relationship we have never done that before, and I must say I would like to do it again.

My opinion of Christmas is that it would not be the same without all of the hype, the Christmas songs, the lights and the laughter, it's not about what money you do or don't have, it truly is about the mince pies! For me, I can not recall a Christmas without mince pies and a packet of Christmas crackers on the table next to the Christmas dinner. It's a tradition. That's what Christmas is, it's about the smile on people's faces, family gatherings and even to recall loved ones who have passed away. I really hate to…

The Nightmare. Saturday 3rd Dec. 2011

There was something frightening about that hill, something wrong with it, but to the child playing by my side it appeared to be forest of adventure. I was getting old now, and had an instinct of steal, my greying beard was drowning out any skin that used to once belong to a face of a young man with no worries, or cares; the scars were covered by that ageing beard.

My grandson carried on playing wildly through the grass, the birds appeared happy, no signs of any intruders or tense atmosphere, in fact beauty shone upon these grounds, but as in many a fantasy something didn't feel right. I leave him be, not wanting to pull him away from such a scenery, the smile on his face was a picture and the rest of the family were close by, I'm not sure If I knew this or if I just felt it but I new they were close by. We began to pick up pace and we approached a tunnel, a shadow was stalking us and the mood of my little grandson seemed to dimmer some what. I felt this shadow stalking me, but…

Weather Drive

The sunlight will shine upon the face that cries. Welcome is the voice that says its goodbyes. Hail will beat down upon the softest skin, The looser now will always win. The lightening strikes the fabric brain, Metal kills the volts again. The hurricane will hit the field, The sick now, will not be healed. Snowflakes fall upon the sea, Where waves will move and insects will flee. Hear the seagulls call the toad, And here within this beautiful road, Sing to a dance that a dream has given, And fly to the place where your eyes have driven.
Boneata Bell - Copyright 2011

Dream Charm

I can dream into space
Like a light bulb dreaming
Into fire.
I never tire,
Of dreams.

I can dream of a happy space,
Or smiling face.
Negative power,
Or a new moon's bleeding light.

I can dream of unimaginable
Of science.
Be my scientific dream tonight,
Become the light.

That's burning inside of me.

I can dream, but it's not a dream
It's a spark,
Of reality, hidden unaware.
In the heart that is mine.

I will be re-born tonight.
No doubt.

Boneata Bell 1st December 2011 Copyright.
Every mistake I make in life creates a diversion from a road that was the 'right' road, but never the 'definite' road, don't stop. Diverge.