Somewhere lies the body of the man I love...

Dirt is ripped through the heart,
That used to beat a thousand minutes per second.
As Footprints in the sand still beckon,
The sand forever lingers from our journeys to the beach,
Smiles remembered to the point that a tear would be absorbed,
Into skin untouched by the sun,
Wasted time, yet seldom a wasted effort,

As clocks are methodically ticking in the background,
Reminding us that time is finite, and upon it we fought,
Unaware until the day that we died.
Fiction of ghost and dramatic dreams,
Lost in cream, loved well beyond beauty,

Words dreamt out, acted as if only a mere play,
Crying in torrents for this is a harsh reality.
Amidst such frantic efforts to be someone else,
While he only wanted me to be myself,
But I never could.

The ring still rests upon this lonely finger,
Even In death we continue to hold hands,
I never dreamt, tears would be so few,
The emotions spoken aloud by words,
Were meant to be from the heart,
And that's when I was awoken with a start,
Lying next to the man of my dreams,

Knowing the future, knowing he would stay,
Knowing we would certainly be free.
To love one, and for one to love only,
A thousand years later,
The future told and seen,
Believed, Love to hold,
Trust before the story unfolds!

Copy right 2011 Boneata Bell
Edited By: Raven Phoenix78


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