Macho Pants

It’s not so difficult to make a man cry, reasons why? Simply because they are human and were born with emotion, so why lie? Statistics show that the majority of women prefer a man who will show his true colours to a man that will put on his macho pants and live another macho day.

Personally I find that it is much easier to live a life with a man who holds his hand up and admits when you have hurt him, or when he’s upset, or most importantly when he loves you. Men generally spend the majority of their time complaining about not knowing where they are in the relationship or how they should be moving on with the relationship, leading to a heartbreaking split up. When, quite interestingly, it’s our men who are closed off from the world, when there isn’t an attack taking place and we don’t need to feel safe, be you, be the person who isn’t a macho man on such a constant basis.

Also, lesson one on a working relationship, don’t pretend to be somebody you are not, or you will be living out an acting scene for the rest of your relationship, one day you will realise you don’t want to act anymore, why should you act anymore? And heart-wrenching as it is, if she was ever in love with you, she would have fallen in love with the man you pretended to be and not the man you really are.

So lesson two? Why don’t you cry when she breaks up with you, when you know inside you are h e a r t b r o k e n? You could save you relationship a countless number of times just by showing her that you love her, the rest can be worked through, but the feeling of lack of love, cannot, and will not.

So men, macho isn’t necessary and macho isn’t required to be a man, it isn’t in the book of rules on how to make a women love you, there isn’t a book as I am sure a lot of you have found, so start by being yourself, don’t act, don’t pretend, don’t lie. If you are meant to be, she will love you.

Boneata Bell
Printed in VOXX magazine November 2011


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