Smile at me

I'd like to see you smile when I look into your eyes,
I'd like too see happiness, a look of surprise,
In them beautiful eyes,
Like a mountain errupting, my fuel
Is corrupting, come smile to
The world.
Come smile to me.

I'd like to see flare in your beautiful stance,
I'd like to see bounce in your energetic prance
In that frame
That your holding
I'll still keep on loving the way that
You smile.
Come smile to me.

I'd like to see earth in the hands that I'm locked too,
Show me dust in the door that we cut and we 'bust threw,
Show me a smile when the rebels awaken,
And excitment in the
floors that are shaken,
Come smile to me.

Show me softness and calm when the skies
Are screaming,
Show me joy when the pavements below us are gleaming,
Show me dance in a smile unable to break,
Keep a promise I know that you will not break,
Come smile,
Come smile at me.

Come smile at a world so distant to me,
Come smile at a face even if you can't see,
Come smile at me.

Boneata Bell 10:47 AM October 14th 2011 (18)


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