Island Sences.

I wake up in a time where,
There are no people.
I stalk the shore where spiders crawl
benethe my feet,
I scream out a little, as they retreat,
And watch a butterfly,
Stalk the sky.

No human, catches my eye,
None to scare or cause me fright,
Just some hoverfly, crusing by night.

I wake up to a moonlit tree,
Leaves casting their shadows upon me.
In an lonely island are no traces of emotion,
None to see, so none to dispose of,
I neither smile nor cry,
Just watch the birds soar the sky.

I crawl among a heard of ants,
Leave raindrops behind their tiny feet,
Moving sand in their cautious retreat.
Dipped in ink next I see,
A mountain right beside of me.
With swollows falling gracefully.

A whale's tail departs from the sea,
The rush of spray coating me,
The warm night sky warms me with a breeze,
In this infinate world we see,
The starving mind of a longing dream.

One that probably will never be.

Boneata Bell
October 18th 2011 23:28


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