Learn To Fly

There is a molt silver in your eyes,
A lava glow in your smile,
To love and to hold,
For life and for love,
A memory gained,
A memory lost.
A heartfelt motion,
A story to be told,
With unfortunate cold.
Deep within that gaze,
Of yours.

An orange rose petal,
Real in mind,
Dyed by the wind,
Or turned by the sky.
Vampire be you,
Blood on them roses,
Coating your garden
With a spider web of poses,
Kissing the depth of passion,
Off of their noses.
Leaving them all

A floating marble
Upon the sky,
A love of life,
Or love of a lie.
Close sunrise, Blind be I,
Wishing on wings,
If I dream not to fly.
Sadness in love, If
you wish there to be,
Only if you see,
What he wants you to see.
Never be, the liquid in the glass,
But be the glass.
In the tainted sky.

Learn to fly.

Boneata Bell July 2nd 2011 Copyright


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