I spent my day working for the RSPCA last Wednesday as I do every week, I am a volunteer for them and I throughly enjoy every minute of it, one of the jobs that I do is sort through clothing that is donated to the shop, separating the good from the bad, I also price the clothing for the shop. Dogs are welcome inside the actual RSPCA shop, of course we love to see them they are very welcome! Although it is hard to concentrate on sorting through clothing when there are beautiful animals inches away from me.

My favourite part about this job is that it is helping to raise money for animals in need and I see that it goes to the right place. No animal deserves to be hurt or killed. One of the worst things about this volunteer job is that you hear the pain these animals have been through and sometimes not survived, this is why I need to do what I do.

I do not have the money to give them, so I can give them the time, and I would give them more of it if I could, I work on a Wednesday afternoon from 12:45pm until 4:00pm, which is far less than some of the other staff members do, however I also attend college which means that I do not have a lot of time to devote. So, what else do I do to help?

I design cards to sell in the shop of the RSPCA. I do not copy any ideas, all ideas are my own, I use my own resources and I do not price my cards so I do not know what they are being sold at. All of my cards are handmade. I put pictures of my cards on my Facebook page, to view them add me as a friend by searching 'Boneata Bell'.

If you are aware of any animal being mistreated you MUST do something. You MUST act. Nothing deserves that pain.

Please support this cause.


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